General Care

Hygiene Services

Keep your shiny smile fresh. Regular dental visits at least every six months allows you to receive dental cleanings to maintain the health of your gums. The gums are just the beginning of the story–when you have healthy gums, you have healthy bone, which leads to strong sturdy teeth. Our hygienists look forward to seeing you!

General Dentistry Services

Did you know there is more than one type of filling? Dr. Ahghar and Dr. Usher lecture around the country, teaching other dentists the most high-tech and advanced techniques for fixing cavities? With new advances in filling materials, we offer different fillings specifically tailored to your specific situation. We are experts in the field of white glass ionomer fillings, which are long-lasting, have very little sensitivity after placement and act just like your tooth! We also provide composite fillings to give our patients the most cosmetic and esthetic smiles.

Sleep Dentistry

We hear every day that people are scared of the dentist. The number one reason people don’t go to the dentist is fear or anxiety. We are here to change that.  Your highly trained Carabelli Dental team offers several different levels of ‘sedation’ to make your dental experience as relaxed as possible.  

IV Sedation: a deep state of relaxation.

Oral Sedation: oral sedation is prescribed and taken before your dental visit

Nitrous: Nitrous or “laughing gas” works great to calm you or your child’s nerves

Sedation works great for:

  • Patients in good overall health
  • Patients worried about complex or lengthy dental procedures.
  • Patients who have difficulty becoming numb.
  • Patients who are anxious.

Call us to schedule a private consultation with our doctors today.

We appreciate that our patients understand our attention to delivering the safest sedation experience for you and your loved one. A consult and thorough health history review will be required to determine if sleep dentistry is safe for you.

You aren’t in this alone

For safe sleep dentistry, we require that someone drive you to your appointment and drive you home. Your companion must monitor you for at least 12 hours after your sleep dentistry appointment. For patients under the age of 18, an adult companion must be present for the entirety of your sedation appointment.


We love kids and kids from all over Southeastern New Mexico love coming to see Dr. Ahghar, Dr. Usher and our team! Both doctors worked in residency at New Mexico’s only dedicated children’s hospital (University of New Mexico), and have expertise in delivering gentle, advanced treatment for babies, children, and adolescents. Don’t be surprised if you hear Disney music and see superhero masks and capes during your child’s visit at Carabelli!


Tooth pain is the worst! We understand this and work hard to see patients for a number of different emergencies. After years of experience, including a year on-call at the only Level I Trauma center in New Mexico, Dr. Ahghar and Dr. Usher can alleviate your pain from simple cavities to huge infections. We also treat everything from tooth fractures to facial trauma. Please call if you or a loved one is having a dental emergency to arrange a same day appointment.

Surgical Services

“Are you going to stand on my chest and pull my tooth?” NO! We want to give you the most comfortable experience possible when it comes to routine dental surgery. If you have had a bad experience or are worried about, we are here to change your mind about dental surgery. With our extensive dental surgery training we are able comfortably provide our patients with affordable specialty level oral surgery care without ever leaving Roswell. No more drives to Albuquerque or Lubbock for your oral surgery needs. We understand that getting a tooth pulled is no fun, so we will make your experience as positive as possible. We provide the following surgery services:

  • Routine and complex tooth removal
  • Impacted wisdom teeth removal
  • Sinus Lift
  • Jaw Surgery
  • Impacted tooth exposure for braces
  • Implant placement

Comprehensive Denture Services

Teeth can be lost for a variety of reason, whether from cavities, gum disease or injury. Dr. Ahghar and Dr. Usher have made thousands of dentures and their patients love them. We understand the value and importance of good, comfortable, functional dentures. If you think you need dentures, or your dentures are not fitting or functioning correctly, we want to see you. We are experts at making anything from a small partial denture to complete dentures to a full implant denture.